EcoKlean F1

EcoKlean F1 Air 2

EcoKlean F1 Sanitizer/Disinfectant 6

is a chemical oxygen technology offering high level performance to oxidation and reduction reactions in a safe and non-toxic manner. It is based on a stable hydrogen peroxide, great for disinfection against pathogenic bacteria, fungus, mold, viruses and other contaminants, without any hazardous by-products.

Uses: Sanitizing and Disinfecting through spaying of fine mist on doors, refrigerators, stoves and other high contact areas including bathrooms, wash basins and closets. In offices use on cleaning cloths or spray directly on desks and other furniture. No need to rinse. If you need to wipe wait 5 minutes. Diffuse in foggers for offices, supermarkets, classrooms and other enclosed public places.

Caution: Can cause eye irritation. If ingested, drink lots of water, not induce vomiting and seek medical assistance. Do not dilute or mix with other products.

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